Fuck The Draft Poster (With new subscription)




Posters are reproduced on 23 by 31-inch 90 lb gloss photo paper; mailed rolled in a cardboard tube.
$25 plus $5 postage for a 4-issue U.S. subscription and one poster.

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About the poster

In 1968, Kiyoshi Kuromiya designed this poster and sent orders by mail. He was arrested by the FBI and charged with sending indecent material through the Post Office. Later that year, after beating the charges, Kuromiya defied the authorities by handing out 2000 of the posters at the Chicago Democratic Convention.

The photo is of Detroiter Bill Greenshields was taken at random during a 1967 March on the Pentagon and used by Kuromiya. Although the FBI hounded Greenshields for draft card burning, he remains unrepentant. Read more in FE #405, Winter, 2020.